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One call does it all

  • Drilling support

    Work on a rig knows several different stages with specific equipment needs. From the smallest tool to the largest drill chucks, Ymond Offshore Logistics makes sure you’re always on schedule and you have everything you need within an arm’s length.

  • Marine and shore base logistics

    Your cargo needs to arrive at the destination point in perfect condition. Therefore, we make sure we only work with the most professional logistical operators whether it’s on land or sea. We check and double check that all legal documentation is in order, all safety regulations for transport are met and your cargo is being handled with respect. Of course, never letting a rapid delivery out of our sight.

  • Warehousing

    Need to store your goods till further notice? We have several warehouse units that will insure safe storage of your valuable stock. And obviously your materials and equipment is ready to be shipped to you whenever you need it.

  • Waste management

    Drilling operations can generate a lot of waste. Ymond Offshore Logistics feels responsible to take care of this waste in a safe and environment friendly manner. We are certified to follow all environmental regulations and business guidelines.

  • Supply chain management

    Why waste time on trying to manage all the ‘minor’ details, when you’d rather focus on the job? We have access to an elaborate network of professional suppliers. You don’t have to worry about contracts or negotiations. Working with us means: one call does it all.

  • Chartering

    Whenever you need an extra vessel for transport or other purposes, just gives us a call. With our extensive network, we can have anything from a large freight conveyer to a general cargo ship ready for you when and wherever you need it.

  • Transport

    We can arrange for international transportation on land as well. We manage all the needed permits and shipping documents. We also take care of the preparation and packaging of you shipment. Refrigerated goods or an urgent delivery is not a problem.

  • Port agency

    Ones you get to shore there are a lot of things that you need to have taken care of. For example port documents, unloading equipment. transportation and temporary lodging for you and your crew. We mediate between you and other parties so it only takes you one phone call to arrange it all.

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